Admittedly, I've been absent... to the blog at least. My desktop computer in general hasn't seen much of me lately. Its almost like my fingers have forgotten which keys are where... almost. 

I took a moment to re-read some of my goals for 2015, and one of them was to keep my website (blog) updated regularly. Well that lofty goal only seems to have been upheld for exactly one month. 

Well Im back. But I suppose I'll have to prove it to you. Yoga is about finding balance right? Well its no wonder Shiva had eight arms! I need one for teaching yoga, (at 2 new studios!! Woohoo!) one for practicing yoga, and one for the new types of movement I've been experimenting with, one for the grocery shopping and house cleaning, another for family and one for the friends... oh man, I've lost count! Do I have any arms left for @PhelpsHair??? ;)

One of the many things I've been getting my nose into (besides the wild adventures that Mexcio had to offer, the exciting new jobs, Coachella, Palm Springs, and the thrilling things that it takes to run Easton West...) is this interview I did with Designathon! Designathon is the marathon of creating healthy habits for your life! Whether you are a high achiever, fitness enthusiast, a parent, or anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life... this is where you'll find insights and resources on how to master your health. Check it out!


& S T A Y  T U N E D !! I'm keeping this promise. You'll be seeing much more of me very soon. 

xo - M