daring greatly

what does it mean to be vulnerable? to really allow yourself to be seen, exactly as you are? how does one find the courage to speak their truth?

I write to you from a changed perspective on life. This is coming from someone who has spent the last 8 years of her life in one relationship after the next, with the idea that I needed someone else in order to be whole. To validate me. I believed I needed to give myself away in order to find happiness, rather than giving said happiness to myself.

Life is constantly shifting. Each breath, each breeze, each blink. Nothing ever stays the same. That is just the nature of the world

The last few months have been painful. And yes, they were also amazing and filled with joy and love, but underneath the smiles and the laughter, there was a silent ache; a longing in my deepest intuition which was desperately trying to reach out to me, to which I constantly rejected and ignored. Large shifts have taken place recently, which has inspired these words to you all.

Stop hiding yourself and denying your valid emotions to please anyone else, or to try and fit yourself into anyone's mold. You are better than that. You deserve happiness and love and light in every single day. Stop stifling yourself, your magic, your bliss. Stop looking to be saved. Stop tossing aside your voice, and belittling your beliefs. 

You are enough. 

Know that within each of us, is a God or Goddess. Allow yourself to awaken to the possibility that you are already complete, regardless of any external situation, relationship or lack thereof. Make the commitment to yourself to seek higher truth. Transcend ego, and break open the shell around your heart. Let yourself be heard, with no regard to the reaction of others. Do it for you. Life is short, and each day is far too precious to be wasted on sadness. Discover your divinity. Embrace your unique talents and share them with the world. 

Do not e v e r let anyone tell you who you are, or what you are capable of. 

Be free.