What a whirlwind this trip has already been. 4 days feels like 4 months. I’ll tell you this, one day in Fes is not quite enough, but we were aching to see Marrakesh already. I’ll spare you the details of the 8 hour drive it took to get us there (mostly sleeping and writing and admiring the changing landscapes) but once we found our way to Peacock Pavillion right outside Marrakesh, it was like we had entered a bohemians paradise. 

I’ve only dreamed of being in such an artistically curated home/ guest house. Maryam Montegue, the owner and proprietor of the pavilion has tastefully layered bones and beads and blankets and cushions with the utmost precision. 

Its a gypsy dreamscape. Someone greeted me, but I was lost in the culturally enlivening artifacts that were all so perfectly placed. It takes a very special eye to be able to layer vintage motorcycle goggles over a wooden african sculpture and then also put beads on top of that, and have it look so damn natural! Hats off to every inch of decor in this place, I could feel her passion on every wall, bookshelf, floor and ceiling. Not to mention the hotel supports Project Soar, a non-profit organization created to share recreational sports, art, education and health to local Moroccan girls, as well as uplift them. 

Even our breakfast was served with distinctly chosen tiny spoons to serve our honey and jams. I had an impromptu yoga shoot for a photographer/videographer duo from the UK. Milo and I danced in the living room. I pretty much died and went to my interior design boho heaven. 

I cant wait to see their ‘glam’ tents/ yurts fully built! Thinking about bringing a group of people here for a retreat… what do you think?

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