Soma Pnevma Retreats : Yoga & Fitness in Mykonos, Greece

It started off with a vision of me walking through the white and blue streets of Greece. Then there was a vision board, and a dream. Followed by an email.

This email came from Soma Pnevma Retreats with an offer to come teach a yoga retreat in Mykonos. I stared at my screen in disbelief. In less than a year, a trip to Greece had been manifested. Let me tell you more.

I had no idea what to expect, but I went with no expectations and an open heart. After 30 hours of travel from Los Angeles, we were dropped off at an exquisite and very luxurious home that would be ours for the next week. Stef, one of the founders of the retreat company, greeted us with open arms as we walked across the stone ground overlooking Lia Beach. It was a view out of a dreamscape - an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean ocean, with stone homes speckled across the mountainous landscape. The house was modern and fresh. It was the perfect manifestation.

We were a group of 11 in total. 2 from Madrid, 2 from Australia, 2 from Turkey, 3 from Greece, and us 2 from LA, and our days looked a little something like this:

Our days began with a 7:30 yoga class that went straight into 45 minutes of fitness, which was a little bit different every day. We were done by 9, and filling up with Greek yogurt, with fruit and every superfood topping you could imagine. (and coffee. lots of coffee.) Mid day would either be spent reading by the pool, or exploring secret beaches. 


A private chef made sure we had plenty of food for lunch and dinner, all extremely fresh, made with local ingredients, and mouth waveringly delicious. We had just enough time to nap and digest before our 2nd round of fitness classes, and another yoga session just as the sun was beginning to set. After dinner we would either watch a movie over the projector screen, or head to an exclusive restaurant for sunset drinks.


Needless to say, each day was a slice of Grecian heaven. I couldnt have asked for a better start to our trip. It was the perfect way to stay active while enjoying such a magical island, and get to see the best of the best, whether it was an exclusive beach club or night club. 

I highly recommend any of the Soma Pnevma Retreats, and am so grateful to Stef & Annivas for creating such a unique and luxury experience!


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