What brings you ecstatic joy?

Don't over think it. 

Whats the first thing that came to mind?

For me its music and travel and dancing and friends and kisses and long hugs and anything that makes my heart feel like its shining and about to explode out of my chest.

What I really wonder is why so many of us allow so many days to pass by without experiencing said ecstatic joy. 


Why can't we live every day with pleasure, and passion and fun and smiles so big, that all of the muscles in our faces ache?

I think we can.

And since I made that decision...

it was like the entire universe conspired to place people and events directly in my path that bring me that bubbling sensation, like I'm made of champagne bubbles. 

So what is one thing you can do today to bring you that sensation?

You know that feeling of 'YES?'

You don't have to rearrange your whole life, just find a small moment. 

A moment that just feels...

like words don't make sense.

and all you can do is smile.