[NOVEMBER, 2017]

My favorite thing about mornings is how much potential there is for the rest of the day. What you do in the first few hours can set the tone for the entire rest of the day. Its exciting! And personally, I’m always much more motivated to do all the positive reinforcing things in the AM. 

I woke up at 7, and played in the warmth of the bed + Bodhi for about 30 minutes until I convinced myself to stop hitting ‘snooze’ and slipped out of bed. I headed into the kitchen to make some matcha, which I was extra excited about because instead of using the same unsweetened vanilla almond milk that I usually use, I used this cacao, cinnamon, mama superfood almond milk deliciousness. It was quite a magical potion. Pleased with my culinary abilities, I made my way into our office where I have a meditation area set up. I wrote in my gratitude journal. I even wrote out my affirmations 20 times over. You know, trying to reprogram my subconscious mind and all that. I opened 1 Giant Mind, the app I use to meditate, and indulged in a 20 minute long state of bliss. 

I was so proud of myself for getting out of bed and taking all of the wonderful steps to ensure I had an even more wonderful day. And then I opened my computer. My inbox to be exact. I received an email that just sent me off the rails. It wasn’t even that bad, but I had such a specific expectation that it felt like such a let down. 

Immediately, my inner critic started to speak up. Her harrowing voice started to point out all of the people who were achieving greater success at a faster rate than me. This grim little voice started to remind me of all the things that were going wrong. Judgement. Comparison. She feeds off of these emotions and reactions. 

It was like all of a sudden, I felt like my whole life was worth nothing. “What’s the point?” Thats all I could hear. That question repeating over and over in my mind. It was like I was being hypnotized. 

I started to attract ‘bad luck.’ I was expecting the day to turn against me, and it was! 

An appointment took much longer than it should have, causing me to be late for an event. My lyft driver passed me twice, and I couldn’t get a hold of him to actually stop and let me in the car, and I was just heated! 

Stupid, silly, overdramatic, negative, downward spiral. Ever had one? Even if nothing is seemingly ‘wrong’ on the outside, it can feel like a debilitating tornado. Even if you are aware that your reactions aren't helping, and you don’t even want to be feeling that way in the first place, it can be hard to S T O P. and reset. But hard doesn’t mean impossible. 

Gratitude is the most effective practice that helps me reset my frequency. 

I realize the word ‘frequency’ might freak some people out, but everything is energy. We are emitting a frequency and its either positive or negative. Our thoughts & beliefs are largely responsible for the experiences we have that shape our reality. When we are in a negative thought cycle, it is hard to see or experience positive things in life. The trick is to become aware of and responsible for the energy you are putting out there. Once you are aware, you have the ability to make conscious decisions, otherwise, you’re allowing yourself to be a victim of circumstance. 

Sure, it can feel scary to take responsibility of your self. Your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that it’s ‘easier’ to blame others, or any outside source for the unfortunate things we go through. Actually, once you’ve learned the tools to truly & deliberately select your thoughts, it is much more freeing and nearly impossible to go back to that old and limited way of thinking. 

Like I alluded to earlier, the practice of gratitude is what makes this all happen for me. 

It feels forced and annoying at first. But I do it anyways. 

“I am grateful to have woken up today.” “I am grateful for my healthy body.” “I am grateful to feel the warmth of the sun.” 

After a few, these phrases begin to feel more natural. I start to feel my spirits lift. 

It is impossible to experience gratitude and judgement at the same time. It is possible to make a change in the direction of your experiences. 

My whole day turned around. I put myself in the mindset of love, gratitude and abundance, and that’s exactly what began to show up. 

So if you ever catch yourself feeling like its one of those days, take a moment to S T O P. Take a step back. Take a breath. Remind yourself of all of the good, wonderful, exciting, sparkly things that are in and around you. Express your gratitude. Write it down, say it out loud, or just think it in your mind. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and you are so much more capable than you might give yourself credit for. 


Miki Ash