It’s been a while since I’ve spilled my thoughts into this space. I’ve been journaling regularly, filling up pages and pages of my inner world. Traveling light makes it challenging to carry around notebooks, but there is something so cathartic about putting pen to paper.

A few days ago, I was, what’s called, ‘shadow banned,’ from Instagram.

I have been growing my audience, aka you beautiful souls that have found me, for the last, almost, 5 years, without partaking in the enticing lure of purchasing followers.

I am not interested in a number on a page, I am interested in connecting with real humans who are equally as interested in connecting with me.

A few days ago, a ‘likes agency’ was attempting to get me to buy into their services of ‘real likes and followers’ and to entice me, they went ahead and did a test run, applying a bunch of fake likes onto one of my recent photos.

The next day, upon opening the instagram app, I was alerted that my account was now shadow banned for the next 3 days.


First of all, I didn’t realize how many photos I want to double-tap and give my love and support to now that I can’t and secondly I am receiving this as a gentle nudge from the universe that Instagram is NOT the end all, be all.

Instagram is a tool. It is a visual diary. A method to connect with people all over the world.

I have discovered new brands, hotels, cafes and even made new friends all over the world with Instagram.

Instead of taking this personally, playing the victim, and feeling sorry for myself, I realized how much I do have to offer, and how much I am giving away for free. I am not valuing myself or my worth by putting all of my time and energy into Instagram.

Recently, I have decided to take a leap, and make a (rather large) investment into myself - creating a platform outside of instagram where we can get very personal. A space not owned by any corporation where I can share full length yoga classes, guided meditations, podcasts, journal prompts and so much more. (THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING SCARY AND EXCITING AND WHEN I THINK OF IT, I GET A WHOLE BODY YES!!)

What I am taking away from this experience is that Instagram is not life. It is one channel that has greatly helped me get to where I am, but it is now time to expand myself in new and great ways where I can impact people in a more personal and intimate way.


I always appreciate your love and support, and it means the world to me that you have taken the time to dive into my mind.

Thank you for participating in this community and allowing me to share my thoughts with you all.

Remember - you are so much more than likes on a photo, or how many followers you have.

You ARE valuable and incredibly important.

& I love you!