Love Yourself // @MikiAsh

I am SO excited to bring you some online yoga classes. This is an all levels, 5 class bundle. It is geared towards someone who is beginning their yoga practice, and may not want to go into a yoga studio just yet. Or for someone who feels like taking things a little slower and sweeter. Classes will cover the whole body, from wrist stretches to hips and backhanding sequences. Build up to taking a full vinyasa class, any time, anywhere! 

This is my first time filming classes, so please bear with the bit of cheesiness. If you've taken my class before, you know its a given. Please share and send me feedback so I can continue to create more content for you to enjoy! 

1.In the Details      // All Levels // 40min

2.Hips & Twists     // All Levels // 40min

3.Vinyasa Love     // All Levels // 27min

4.Backbend Love  // All Levels // 40min

5.Sweet Love       //   Level 1  //  27min