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Miki’s warm smile and sweet nature is a pleasure to be in the company of. She is a natural when it comes to photography and her love and appreciation for Yoga & Art creates a poetic blend of presence and perspective via the lens from which she shoots.
— Raquel Jordan
What can I say about this little love, Miki Ash?! I HATE having my picture taken. But, as a yoga instructor and wellness counselor, its become essential to have some good pics in order to market myself. And still, I resisted! But when my home studio, Love Yoga Space, held a photo shoot for their teachers, I showed up. I asked Miki if she would guide me and help me as she took my pics, as suddenly, it was as if every single yoga pose I’d ever practiced disappeared from my brain! She was patient, kind, understanding, and instructed me in exactly what to do. Then, at one point- she called me a “natural”- LOL!!! Thanks, Miki! But the beauty was in the eye of the beholder and, now, after seeing the shots, man, did you make me look beautiful!! I am so grateful. I might even come back for more on my own ;)
— Evan Cooper
I’ve been taking yoga for almost 9 years, and Miki’s by far the best teacher I’ve had. Each class is unique in its own way: some are a bit faster and some are slower but require more focus on the breath (which I prefer because it’s applicable to a stressful day). I’ve noticed a colossal difference in my core/hip strength over the past month, which has been my focus for years. What I really appreciate is how she implements a guided meditation into the yoga practice. For all of us who don’t get to meditate as often as we’d like, it’s a game changer to have both experiences in one hour of practice. On top of that, she’s very good at communicating and guiding through movements. Highly suggest taking her class ASAP.
— Milo
I’ve been practicing yoga for 10+ years with many of the most respected and talented teachers in the world. Miki is certainly has earned a spot among the best through clear technical communication, challenging sequences and unique creative inspiration - oh yeah she has the kindest personality too. Get on her schedule NOW 🤓
— Jordan Katz
The quality of yoga’s impact on everyday life often depends on the proper guidance, and I have struggled with finding a comfortable match because trust, among other things, is vital to the equation. Miki, through both her yoga and human(important!!) practice, improves the quality of my being both during our sessions and after we step off our mats. I knew immediately I could trust Miki because since 5th grade when we met at sports camp (lol) she has been sharing the same bright energy with the world around her. Since 5th grade!!! To retain such emotional honesty in the consistently-distant world we inhabit feels almost impossible - and then there is Miki.

Aside from her spiritual roster, Miki genuinely knows what she is doing with regard to Yoga’s physical nature. I have taken many classes at many studios, but I have never felt more present than I do after Miki’s sessions. She brings an energy to the movement that is fluid and encourages self-improvement. Miki does not shy away from challenging you, but each of her challenges has an intention. Simply put, there is no one better than Miki!!!
— Bruno
I know it may sound bias as I am the father, but the truth of the matter is, I took Michiala’s, or “Miki’s” class for the first time, it was hard but at the same time, I was able to go through each of the movement with the guidance of her voice and instructions. I am totally convinced that once you try it , you will be hooked on yourself in discovering how beautiful your body and mind can become one.
— Ofer
I went to my first class with Miki and she was awesome! What an intense and rigorous workout! She does not do the typical flows and added some very interesting postures. I like Miki!
— Leah Smolker
Miki is an incredible yoga teacher for group classes and private clients! She is extremely knowledgable in yoga asana as well as deep spiritual practices. Her classes are always guided by her caring, fun, and creative energy. Following her class you truly feel a sense of total bliss. This beautiful woman is certainly someone you will want to take yoga from!
— Tasha
Miki’s yoga class is amazing! I am new and inexperienced but she makes you feel as if you can do anything. She’s fun, playful, and shows you “little tricks” to help get you in those uncompromising positions. I look forward to Tuesday afternoons; she always puts a smile on my face.
— Rachelle
What a beautiful teacher, inside and out! I just took Miki’s class for the first time and loved her positive, upbeat and relaxed vibe despite the challenging flow. She romanced me into poses I didn’t think were possible. She didn’t make me feel like I was being pushed beyond my limits. Loved her fun playlist too!
— Jessica
Love Miki!! I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and I love how challenging her classes are when you feel you need more but she also gives you great alternative poses when you feel like taking it slower :) She is also very knowledgeable about making sure you are in the correct position, so you don’t hurt yourself. You leave her class feeling happier and lighter! <3
— Joy
Amazing class!! Miki holds space in the kindest way as to where you can explore the depths of yourself guiding us seemlesly from pose to pose Ty miki!! Will def take her class again and again!!
— Yancy Schwartz
I’ve tried to incorporate Yoga into my life several times over the last 5 years knowing its importance in mind, body and spirit for a f/t entrepreneur such as myself. Each time I was discouraged until I began working with Miki. She knows the right balance of encouragement and challenge in her sessions, bringing a strong sense of compassion that fills the room. You leave your practice feeling aligned and divinely guided which she assists you into tapping that from within. Beyond her craft she is an absolute joy and you cannot possibly be in her presence without feeling good, really good.
— Mary
Perfect time to give Thanks to Miki for reintroducing me to a well missed yoga practice.
As a beginner, I appreciate her gentle non judgmental teachings, and her beautiful spirit
which guides our twice a week sessions. I have a long way to go before reaching my toes, but I know she will get me there. Leave each practice feeling relaxed and re-energized.
— Heather Cohen
In the next life I want to be Miki!
— Ruthie Ashkenazy
Miki is so caring, patient, and loving. She customizes her work to each student, in such a personal way. She makes me feel so calm & happy, during class- and well after! She inspires me to grow and get better with every class. She makes me want to be a yogi : ) I highly recommend her!
— Shira Haarten
I’ve been working with Miki for more than a year now. Miki is an inspirational and gifted teacher. She has the ability to sense just what it is you need when you begin your session. Miki is a deeply spiritual and highly connected person who guides a class with ease and poise. I am always grateful for my practice when I’ve finished a session. She is a gift and a joy.
— Jane Rose
Miki’s classes are tailored to each individual she is teaching. Whether there are 5 of us, or just she and I, she makes sure to cater to each person’s needs and spread her endless love around. I love taking classes with her, and each time I do I feel better than when I started. I would definitely recommend her as your teacher! As long as you don’t take her away from me!
— Lisa
Miki is such an incredible teacher. She always comes into the room with a fresh perspective and a new way to do something. The amount of love that pours out of her as she teaches is always so apparent and leaves me so happy at the end of class. Her hands on adjustments are always exactly what I need to further my poses and go the extra mile. I would happily practice with her any day of the week. xo
— Marielle Ebersol
Yoga with Miki refreshes my spirit and revives my body. Miki introduced me to the art of incremental change; consistent reaches on the mat which slowly and steadily lead to calmer mind and a stronger, more flexible body. Moment to moment, breath to breath and with Miki’s guidance, I became calm, grateful and more aware.
Miki is a young wonder of a teacher who will grow with you and tailor sessions to your personal needs.
— Audrey Lavin