5 Travel Essentials

I’ve been traveling my entire life, and more so in recent years. As someone who has grown into a deep appreciation for all things organizational and an even deeper appreciation for anything that makes me feel prepared, I wanted to share with you my top 5 travel essentials!

1. PACKING CUBES: Ok guys, I am obsessed with these things. It makes it so so easy to organize your items, and be able to dig through your suitcase without destroying it completely. It makes packing & unpacking so much easier and a I just can’t recommend these things enough.

2. NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES: You never know who else is going to be sharing the plane ride with you - from crying babies to snoring ladies - nothing adds more agony to being confined in a flying tube than having to listen to unwanted noise over the sound of the rom'-coms' you’re trying so desperately to enjoy. Once I got myself a pair of noise cancelling headphones, there was NO going back to weak ass ear buds.

3. COMPRESSION SOCKS: I just discovered the magic of compression socks. These travel compression socks are ideal to wear on lengthy flights to prevent swollen or achy legs!

4. EYE MASK: Another thing I do not travel without! Use a sleep mask (& ear plugs) to acclimate to different time zones, and create the perfect conditions for a deep sleep. I like a soft silk one, like the one linked below!

5. HAND SANITIZER: Let’s be real, who knows how clean air planes are, or airport bathrooms, or the little pull down trays… I’m not a huge germaphobe, but it definitely gives me a great sense of comfort to have some hand sanitizer handy. I like this lavender one from EO, its organic, and the lavender smell is a refreshing change from the stale plane air.

What are your top 5 travel essentials? Obviously I travel with more than just these items, but I definitely don’t get on a plane without them.

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