[MAY, 2017]

Ok, this has been a long anticipated post, and I am happy to say it is finally here. 

Meditation. What is it? Am I even doing it right? How long until I levitate?

Lets go back a few years, almost 2 to be exact. Meditation was the scariest, most exciting, most daunting thing I'd ever heard of. I had glimpses, and even profound experiences with stilling the mind in places like Savasana, at the end of some yoga classes, but the thought of sitting in stillness, being a witness to whatever my mind produced, seemed like the most frightening thing I could put myself through. But then there was a turning point. 

I was in a dark place, one where I valued other peoples wellbeing / sanity / happiness over my own, and someone noticed. He thought it pretty appalling the mental state I was in. I craved love, acceptance, ease and joy. Life had been full of ups and downs and I had no value or respect for myself. While I thought I was doing a pretty good job hiding it, he could clearly see through the BS. He recommended that I start meditating, ASAP. He also showed me the app (which is free) that changed my life. 


Now, while there are many forms (probably infinite forms) of meditation, and so many ways on how to meditate, and where, and when, this is just my personal insight, based on my experience. Even I meditate in many ways, depending on my circumstances, but if you are just starting, and you are curious, and maybe a little nervous, than read on...

The principles that 1 Giant Mind teaches are all about effortlessness and ease. There is no bad meditation, Jonni Pollard, founder and creator, says. (I'll get back to the app a bit later)

Meditation is a tool to help ease the chaos and clutter and chatter of the mind, so that we may experience those moments of clarity and inspiration. For only 15 minutes per day, the benefits you can receive are hugely life changing, well, they have been for me at least. 

I leave my meditations feeling calmer, more connected, at ease. A sense of relief, of deep peace, of excitement and often times eager to take on the tasks of the day. 

So where to begin... 

I started off keeping a pair of headphones next to my bed. I set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier than I normally would, and had a little round pillow waiting on the floor for me. WPM... Wake, Pee, Meditate. Do it before you can even think about doing it. Before you check your phone, your emails, your Insta. Keep your phone on airplane mode (while you sleep if you can) so as not to invite and distractions. 

Find a comfortable seat, (and this can be done laying down if you're feeling lazy, but I always have more profound meditations when I am seated) close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. 

Start to get connected to yourself. Follow the breath as you inhale, where does it fill you up? where do you let go? Let all of your muscles stay relaxed. And if they are tense, gently coax them to ease up a bit. Soften your shoulders, the muscles around your jaw and eyebrows. 

Then take one deeeeeep breath in, and hold it at the top for 3....2....1... and let it go through the mouth. 

Perhaps you set an intention, something you are working on or visualizing for yourself (see "Setting Intentions" a blog post a bit further back), or even hold a crystal. Allow yourself to receive some inspiration, as you let go of expectation. 


So, let me circle back to the app, because I'm assuming you are using it, because it really is that amazing. It starts with a 12 step course, each step holds tips to help you stick to a daily meditation practice. It answers all questions that might come up for you with clarity and ease. 

After completing the 12 step course, you will unlock a 30 day challenge, which you can set an alarm within the app to remind you each day. And be easy with yourself going into this. Don't worry if you miss a day, keep refocusing on the good that you are doing for yourself. 

After the 30 day challenge (which actually works, because now I meditate every day and holy hell is it amazing!!!) you unlock a timer, which has the option to be set to 10, 15, or 20 minutes, with a voice or no voice, and other options for music as well. 

To meditate is to detach from your thoughts. To become the witness behind them. To regain your power of creation. To be at ease in the midst of chaos. It is the purest sense of M A G I C that I've ever experienced, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to drastically change their life for the better.