We are in a time of great transition. Late summer is a season in and of itself. At least here in LA, it is still scorching hot (hotter than its been all summer), and while I am aching to add sweaters and boots, instead I am peeling off the layers, both physically and metaphorically. 

I wonder if anyone else felt the intensity of August, of both of the eclipses, and their deep and profound effects? It was a very hard and telling month for me. It started off strong, and I was told it was a time of transformation. I was told that I would not be the same person by the end of the month. I had my doubts, but honestly, I feel like I've faced my darkest shadows and obliterated them with the brightest light I could muster. It has been hard. It has been revealing. I cried. I yelled. I cowered in a corner. I wrote, feverishly, and tore out the pages and burned them. I finally let it out of me. And I was supported. And now, I feel light. And free. And I realized I was the only one in my way all this time.


But enough about my melo drama, (thanks for listening though) I want to talk about how YOU can move through this transition between bikinis and pumpkin spice lattes (lets be real, do you even like pumpkin spice lattes?!). 

In Chinese Medicine, there are 5 seasons, Late Summer being one of them. Its easy to feel ungrounded when things are changing, which means it is especially important to stay centered. Rooted. So as not to get caught up in the chaos. If there is movement both around you and inside of you, it can feel like there's nothing to hold on to.

Earth is the element of Late Summer. Makes perfect sense. Earth. It is our biggest constant, yet it is always changing! Just like us. So HOW can we stay centered? The first step is to stay present. Know where you are, and who you are. 


Bring your awareness to your left side. Your feminine side. Your intuition. Now bring your attention to your right side. The part of you that is out in the world. The hand that makes the deals and signs the checks. Bring your attention to your backside, your heels, the nape of the neck. This represents your past. Your experiences. Now bring your attention to your front side. Your heart. Your eyes gazing forward. This represents your future. Your potential. Now put yourself on a central axis, right in between all 4 polarities. Here. Now. Breathe in. Breathe out. From this vantage point you can see all around you. You can practice this visualization to center yourself as often as you need to. 


We are at a point in the year where we have had enough experiences to look back and reflect upon, and still plenty of time ahead of us to make changes and take action. At this time we are making the shift from the outward, social expression of summer to the the inward focus of fall and winter.



- Where are you right now? Where do you envision yourself?

- Do you tend to move quickly or do you enjoy taking your time? Is it challenging to do the opposite?

- In what ways have you used your creativity & passion?

-In what ways have you cared for yourself?

-Which 'seeds' (of intention) can you tend to more carefully?