5 Travel Essentials

I’ve been traveling my entire life, and more so in recent years. As someone who has grown into a deep appreciation for all things organizational and an even deeper appreciation for anything that makes me feel prepared, I wanted to share with you my top 5 travel essentials!

1. PACKING CUBES: Ok guys, I am obsessed with these things. It makes it so so easy to organize your items, and be able to dig through your suitcase without destroying it completely. It makes packing & unpacking so much easier and a I just can’t recommend these things enough.

2. NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES: You never know who else is going to be sharing the plane ride with you - from crying babies to snoring ladies - nothing adds more agony to being confined in a flying tube than having to listen to unwanted noise over the sound of the rom'-coms' you’re trying so desperately to enjoy. Once I got myself a pair of noise cancelling headphones, there was NO going back to weak ass ear buds.

3. REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE: I can’t stress this one enough. We all know that every plastic water bottle we’ve ever drinker out of still exists, and you have the ability to reduce your impact. Not only that, but airports have water fountains and restaurants that will fill your bottle for free, saving you an inflated rate of $5 a bottle or more!! Save money, and the environment, its a win/ win!

4. EYE MASK: Another thing I do not travel without! Use a sleep mask (& ear plugs) to acclimate to different time zones, and create the perfect conditions for a deep sleep. I like a soft silk one, like the one linked below!

5. HAND SANITIZER: Let’s be real, who knows how clean air planes are, or airport bathrooms, or the little pull down trays… I’m not a huge germaphobe, but it definitely gives me a great sense of comfort to have some hand sanitizer handy. I like this lavender one from EO, its organic, and the lavender smell is a refreshing change from the stale plane air.

What are your top 5 travel essentials? Obviously I travel with more than just these items, but I definitely don’t get on a plane without them.

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Last week I got invited by DIFF Eyewear to spend a few days on the central coast in one of my favorite towns, San Luis Obispo. We stayed at the iconic Madonna Inn, rode horses and dune buggies, drank wine, and of course, wore the best shades in the game. 


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I can breathe again. 


Marrakesh was madness. We were just taking a walk, getting lost on purpose, when a man stopped us and tried to force his directions on us. We tried to remain firm and politely decline his invitation to follow him, but he was too persistent. And when we finally arrived back to the gates of our Riad, he demanded money and scoffed when I gave him 30 dirham. I felt overcome with anger. We didn't ask for his help, and we didn't invite his hustle. I was ready to leave this city. I was tired of being pulled into shops and yelled at for walking away. 


I had to remind myself to take a deep inhale just now, releasing the emotional charge even as I recount this encounter. Let it go. It's in the past. 

Essouaria. Villa Anouk. This is my present. This is my favorite moment in Morocco. 

I feel like we've entered medieval times, with stone piled walls and castle like buildings. There are donkeys roaming freely and red rocky mountain terrain. 


Villa Anouk. Words can't describe how at home I feel here. Safe. Secure. Inspired. 


The detail, love and care that Anouk put into every inch of this property transported me to a different time. I felt as though I were in a fairytale book, and this, my castle. The food was vibrant, the coffee was strong, and the dessert went straight to my soul. The artistry in the selection of each chair, each doorknob, and each blanket was understated and sophisticated. I could definitely live here. 


Anouk and I had similar stories, both moving to Paris and then New York. Except she continued on to make Morocco her home, while I reside in LA. She and I have big plans, our story does not end here. 

To book your stay, and I highly recommend that you do, click HERE.


And when you do make the journey to this magical sanctuary, please give Anouk a hug from me, and make sure to ask her for the chocolate cake.